The ROHEVEL-FRT radar level transmitter applies 80G FMCW technology. It’s unaffected by buildup, condensation and dust due to high focus beam. With innovative IsoLens technology( Isolated emitting and receiving signal) it enable sensors to acquire full range measurement without dead zone.

Radar sensors of the ROHEVEL-PRT series are used for non-contact level mea-surement of liquids and bulk solids. They measure all kinds of liquids, even under high pressure and extreme tempera-tures, in simple as well as aggressive liquids.The sensors can also measure from the lightest to the heaviest bulk solids with absolute reliability, even in the presence of dust and noise, without being affected by buildup or condensation.
The ROHEVEL-GRT guided wave radar can be used in almost any material or environment. It is insensitive to changes in the material, such as the dielectric constant, and any changes to the vessel such as humidity, temperature or turbulence. This level sensor can be installed in new or existing vessels easily. It can even be installed while a tank is in service so there is no additional cost or hassle associated with emptying and filling the tank. The level switch is programmed at the factory to meet the tank's specific measurements.
The ROHEVEL-MDS is flow sensor using Doppler effect. It's used for detection of flow/non-flow in pipelines and detection of flow conditions. It can provide relay output or analog output.
The ROHEVEL-RTS model is a genuine fail-safe level switch, performing self-diagnostics while in and out of material to protect your dry bulk investments. As a genuine fail-safe sensor, ROHEVEL-RTS can perform complete self-diagnostics in and out of material. Other paddlewheel devices can only perform diagnostics when the paddle is not in material. RTS provides undeniable confidence that the unit is functioning.
ROHEVEL-OPS optic probes sense the presence or absence of liquid using an infrared light source and detector often used in level measurement.Levelite probes are used in conjunction with a universal controller, which can be used for level alarms or pump control. The universal controller has adjustable time delay and field selectable “fail-safe” settings.
The ROHEVEL-MGS is high power circular polarized microwave level switch for solid and liquid level detection. The level switch is generally used for process control by monitoring presence/absence of product, flow/noflow conditions and point level detection in bins and silos. The level switch may also be used as a proximity switch for detection of vehicles such as dump trucks and rail cars.
The ROHEVEL-UST series ultrasonic level sensor is used for level detection in silos, tanks and bunkers. It is particularly suitable for level measurement in vessels with small process fitting and under simple process conditions. The slim rod antenna enables the installation in small vessel openings.
The ROHEVEL-RFS series RF capacitive level sensor is used for level detection in silos, tanks and bunkers for limit detection. These instruments are typically used in all industry and are capable of measuring liquids as well as solid.
ROHEVEL-FLS series vibrating fork type level sensor is used for level detection in silos, tanks and bunkers, both limit detection and point level measurement. These instruments are typically used in all industry and are capable of measuring liquid and solid powder.




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